Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Service Project!!!

This year our family has been so blessed, our biggest blessing being the adoption of our little girl, but also so many other things!  This has made me start thinking so much about service for others, and teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas, so while searching for something to do I can across a Women's and Children's shelter in Salt Lake called Rescue Haven.  They are in need of  Women's and Childrens items (clothing, toys, etc.) new or used!!! If anyone else is interested in donating please let me know by message or email, my email address in  Thank you so much and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 10

Something I am afraid of!!! This is SIMPLE! SNaKeS!!!  I have made it very very clear to my children that if they EVER try to scare me with a snake it will probably be detrimental to there life!  I don't know why they scare me so bad, I think they just gross me out!  I dunno either way they are YUCKY!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Days 8 & 9

Ok first of all in my defense I shouldn't have done this over Thanksgiving break... Its been a little hectic!  Also Dalyn had his tonsils out yesterday so that has stalled my blogging a little.  He is doing well and recovering like a champ, he is such a little cutie! LOVE HIM!!! Back to the challenge, Day 8 is a place you have traveled.  I am gonna have to say the cruise that we went on with Mike's family is the most recent and fun vacation I have had.  When I was young we vacationed a lot, but I don't have all of those pics so the cruise it will be!  It was so fun, and relaxing, after the first few days!  The first few days I would think of the boys and cry, look at pics of the boys and cry, I was such a big baby.
Mike & I relaxing on one of the islands!
Formal night, it was so fun to get all dressed up!
The girls layin out on the beach!!!
The whole family at dinner one night!  I loved the meals you could order as many items as you wanted!!!

I'm gonna skip ahead and do day nine also! Day 9 is the the first 10 songs on your IPOD, well currently my ipod has been taken over by my hubby, because he put his in a cup of ice tea, apparently it was thirsty so I guess I could say I don't have one!!!  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving with all of your families!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 7

The question of the day is... My favorite movie!  Ok I know this is going to seem so wrong, but, I don't really like movies at all.  I mean I guess its not that I don't like them, its just that every time I sit down to watch one I feel so guilty because I have a list of 50 things I should be doing instead!  I think I inherited this horrible gene from my momma she can't stand to sit through a movie either.  So now your probably thinking oh man I bet her house is soooo clean she doesn't watch movies, NO this is incorrect for some crazy little 4 reasons it is not!  Now to really answer the questions, my favorite movie right now I would have to say its a toss up between How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3, because those are the two movies right now that seem to keep my kiddos entertained for long enough that I can get one of my 50 things done!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Brax & Daddy watchin TV!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 6

A song that makes me cry! It's called Goodbye's (The Saddest Word.)  This song is so sad to me because beside my biggest fear (the fear of losing one of my children) is my fear that they may someday lose me to my lupus.  I don't think any child should have to grow without a mommy there to wipe there tears, and put band aids on there little boo boos.  I want to help them learn and be with them through all of the little mistakes teenagers HAVE to make to learn!  Also I don't want to miss any part of my children's lives, I hate even thinking that I may not get to meet my little grand babies, or miss a wedding!  So I guess I may be a little conceded but I think that I'm kind of a big deal! :) By the way this song is # 5 on my play list.
To all of my readers... Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are all enjoying family and friends.  All of these little moments that we get to spend with special people in our lives shouldn't be taken forgranted.  Live each day as if it were your last!!!  Thank you all for putting smiles on my face with your comments!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 5

Sorry, sorry I was gonna try so hard to post everyday but then the last two days have been so CRAZY BUSY, that I decided I couldn't post, so Im going to continue on where I left off! Todays post is supposed to be things that make me happy!!!
Essential oils help me to feel better, and keep my little family happy & healthy!
Summer, I love it when the kids can just play and play out in the sun!
Being and aunt... I get to watch my niece on Tuesdays and I love that I get to be such a big part of her life!
My kids little imaginations, they always keep me laughing!
COUSINS!!! These are my big boys with some cousins... I love spending time with our families!
The Lake,  a big part of our summers are spent out on the lake, the boys love it and so do Mike & I!
How much my hubby loves our babies, he wouldn't admit it be he like little babies, he would hardly even let me hold MaCee when we were in the hospital!
Gardner Village, I love to walk around all of the little boutiques, and they have the cutest decorations for the holidays!
I guess this speaks for itself... SCENTSY!
How yummy my kids are after there bath!
Braxton's cute little smile!

Our little Dooney, who is no longer with us, RIP Dooney!
I will probably play until the day I die!
I love that I get to keep up on whats going on in everyones lives on FACEBOOK!

Ok and now my computer won't let me upload anymore pics so Im just gonna name a few more things!  MaCee because she is our precious little angel! Dalyn, because he is 2 everyday that little boy keeps me on my toes crying all the way through the store, or just saying NO to everything, but it makes me smile!  Avery, because he is the BEST big brother, he is so loving to his siblings!  My hubby because he works so hard EVERY day to make sure that we have everything we need, and want!  Coffee I LOVE IT, I can't help it I try to quit but im keeps me awake all day, and I just can't quit it!  Blogging, I enjoy reading my friends and families blogs so much! There are soooo many more things that make me happy but this is a good start to my list!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 4

Something I'm looking forward to.  This is soooo easy... CHRISTMAS!!! Like I said in my first post I am like a little kid on Christmas, I usually have to wake my kids up because I can't take it anymore.  When I was younger and living at home every year I would have to beg my little sister and brother to go out and peek in our stalkings and at the stuff that Santa had brought.  One of the years my dad even hide a video camera and caught us in the act!!!  Even after I would peek I still couldn't sleep I would go back out 2 or 3 times in the night.  Still to this day it isn't different I know all of the presents and I still can't sleep.  I am so happy that Mike puts up with it and doesn't make me just lay in bed miserable.  I guess he realizes that when he married me he also married the little kid that's inside screaming to get out!

Sorry no pic tonight, for some reason I can't upload!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 3

Your siblings and parents. I realize that this probably just means my siblings and parents, but Mike's family has been so amazing and such a big part of our lives that I wanted to post about them also!  This may be a little out of order but Ill fit everyone in somewhere.

This is Vanessa, the exchange student Mike parents had a couple of years ago... she was so fun and taught us sooo much, the boys still ask about there "sister" Vanessa.
Grandpa and Brax, I don't think that Mike's dad could be a better Grandpa, he is always calling and asking if the boys want to go haul cows or go up to the cabin!  These boys are getting the best farm experience they possibly could, and they have an amazing teacher!  Also I couldn't ask for a better father in-law he treats me just like one of his girls, I am so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws!
This is my dad,  he is such an awesome guy and has over come sooo many obstacle's!  He is a big tease and always keeps me laughing.  Love you dad!!!
These are my beautiful sister inlaws!!! They are going to kill me when they see that I put this picture up.  It is so hard being away from my family, but these girls are always there to talk and wipe my tears when I'm missing my "mommy"  I don't know what I would do without these two.
K I know this is not very appropriate but this is the only picture I could find of my little brother.  It kills me to see him growing up he is my little Joshy Bear!  I love this kid, and hate to see him having to learn things the hard way, but I guess that's just life! Love you Joshy Bear!
This is my Step-father man am I so lucky I get to have three daddies! He is so amazing, and makes my mom so happy which is of course what I have always wanted!
This is my mom! Sigh... I may not have always understood what you had in store for me or that you always wanted what was best for me, but now I do!  Being a mom has really helped me to appreciate all that my mom always did for us, she was always the team mom, always brought donuts after test days, and the list goes on and on!  Love you mom!!!
This is my mother inlaw, Dalyn (my little boy), and my adorable little niece Cali!  Where to begin, this women has taken me under her wing, bad and good and loved me for it all.  When I was sick a couple of years ago and had been in and out of the hospital for about 2 months.   She came out to Salt Lake to bring the kids to visit me I was sooooo sick.  I hadn't been sleeping very much AT ALL... She was exhausted but she talked and talked to me until I fell asleep, and then when I woke up a half an hour later she talked some more!  She has taught  me to be the mother that my children need!  I really don't know where I would be today without her as an example in my life!  I Love you Nancy!

This is my little sister! This girl sure can make me madder than anyone else, but no matter what I still love her! Right now she isn't speaking to me and I'm not really sure why, but it kills me.  People die, accidents happen, and if it ended like this I wold be so heart broken!  So Sarah if you read this post, I love you,  I will not let someone be negative in my life, but I do love you, and always will, no matter what!!!
Loved you then, loved you still, always have, always will!!!
Mike's little brother Kaden!  My boys couldn't ask for a better uncle, he is always putting up with having to take them on the four wheelers, outside, he even came and picked Avery up for school the other day!  He is an amazing athlete and a straight A student, what a good example my boys have!
K I am missing two people, Casey and Austin, my brother in law, and my future brother in law.  We have so much fun when all of the family gets together!

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 2

The thing that stresses me out the most!

The list really could go on and on but if I must say one thing that stresses me out the most right now... It would have to be MaCee's birth mother!  When we were in the hospital she decided that she didn't want to meet us, which we were ok with, if thats what she wanted.  I cannot even imagine what was going on in her head, so I wanted her to have the time she needed to grieve.  I won't lie as we walked through the hospital halls I secretly hoped we would run into her.  I prayed and prayed for her to have peace in her heart and know that her little girl would be loved soooo much by so many people (including her birth family.)  When we signed she had decided that she wanted a semi- open adoption, to me this meant that maybe there was a chance that she would be a little part of ours and MaCee's life.  In the last 7 months I have sent pictures, a book, letter, to the agency and that is were it has stayed by her choice.  It breaks my heart not being able to talk to her, and know how she feels,  I feel completely in the dark.  I would love to have a relationship with her, and at least let her know that MaCee is doing well.  I just wish she could see a little video of MaCee's life, and I think that would help her a little bit, at least I hope it would.  So maybe I am just being silly and need to let it go, but it sure does weigh on my mind often!!!  If anyone has any suggestions I am open!  Also I did not mean to offend anyone by this post so please take it as it is meant... I know that birth mothers are special little angels in our lives, I just wish we could have ours!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun Challenge

Since I once again have been slacking in my posting (suprise, suprise) I have decided to copy from a friends blog and do the 15 day challenge.  Ill try soooo hard but we will see!

Day 1 – Self Portrait picture, and 15 interesting facts.

Day 2 – Something that stresses you out.

Day 3 – Your siblings and parents.

Day 4 – Something you are looking forward to.

Day 5 – Pictures of things that make you happy.

Day 6 – A song that makes you cry (or nearly and why).

Day 7 – Favorite Movies

Day 8 – A place you have traveled to.

Day 9 – Put your ipod on shuffle – first 10 songs.

Day 10 – Something you’re afraid of.

Day 11 – Favorite TV shows.

Day 12 – What you believe.

Day 13 – Goals

Day 14 – Some pictures you love.

Day 15 – Pictures of your dream house.

Ok so I am already cheating a little... but really a self portrait to me is one with him in it!!! He is me... I have loved him since I was 16, all I know is me and him!  He is my best friend in everyway I tell him EVERYTHING.  So whether you agree or not, these are my self portraits!  Now for 15 things about me, be ready to be bored.

1-  I hate that I can't get caught up on life, it seems like everyday ends with my list still full of things that I didn't get done.


3- I am the mommy of 4 amazing little munchkins.

4- I love to cook, but hate cleaning up the mess (which is why my kitchen is usually a disaster!)

5- I go to bed every night wondering if im going to wake up in the morning sick from my lupus.

6- I am addicted to shopping all kinds I probably should be attending shopaholics anonymous!

7- I live for pictures, my camera is broken right now but as soon as its fixed or I get a new one ill be back to posting a lot more often.  Pictures are all we have after the moment is gone and I want a picture of EVERY moment!

8-  My first kiss was on my swingset when I was like 3 my dad sat inside and videod the whole thing and then used it as black mail later in my life.

9- I am the oldest child in my family... Im the one they practiced on I guess I didn't turn out to bad!

10-  I am a huge cry baby... everything makes me cry now.  I guess its just because I see that life isn't perfect and I hate to see others hurt knowing the road ahead is not going to be an easy one!

11- I am soooo madly in love with Gary Allan, but he doesn't know it yet! :)

12- I would probably have 15 kids if my hubby would let me... It's a good thing one of us thinks logically.

13- I am a little OCD, just about somethings.

14- I am like a little kid on Christmas, usually about 5 I can't take it anymore and talk Mike into letting me wake the kids up!

15- I am soooo blessed, although the trials have not always been easy my life has been filled with so many blessings I don't even know where to start.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~Robert Byrne

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you believe in Destiny?

A year ago if you would have asked me this question, I probably would have said yes.  If I was asked this question today I would answer yes again, but not for the same reasons as a year ago!  I do believe that MaCee was sent to our family by our heavenly father and that her little soul would have made it to our family no matter what package it was delivered in!  It just works out that it is the cutest little milk chocolate package I've ever seen!!!  Monday I took MaCee to her 6 month appointment I had to laugh she is a little bowling ball... She weighed 15 lbs. 15 oz (75%)  and she was 24 1/2 inches (10%) this little girl loves to eat just like her momma!  MaCee has the sweetest personality, she is such a little cheese.  She loves her brothers and everything they do is so interesting to her.  She is completely a mommas girl, ok, and maybe a little bit a daddy's girl!  She is 100% PRINCESS, I didn't realize a 6 month old baby could be such a little princess!  She is a little love, and has brought so much joy to our family that we didn't even realize was missing.  As I sit here writing this post, and looking down at the little angel asleep in my arms all I keep thinking is, I so lucky to get to be this little girls mommy!!!

My little man!

In the last few weeks Dalyn has grown up so much all of the sudden he is one of the big boys!  What happened to my little baby... MaCee came in and took his place I guess!  I wish they could just stay little!!!
Today he told me that he had to go up the hill and get the cows!!! :(

Friday, October 8, 2010


First I would like to start by saying my children are my favorite part of my life!  The most amazing thing I have ever done is be a mom I LOVE IT!  The only thing that I really ever want to be is a mom and wife, and I know that I am so blessed to get to be!!! Now I would like to say that ever parent needs a BREAK now and then and on the 24th I got mine!!!  Mike and I have been enjoying our little half an hour of comedy before bed the last few months and at the end of the show Daniel Tosh always added come see us on the Tosh 2010 Tour.  So after a while of watching how much Mike was enjoying this guy a light turned on and I realized that this would make the perfect birthday for Mike and little break for me!  So on the 24th we took all four of the kids to my little sister ( I don't think she will EVER offer to do this again) and we headed to the airport.  It was so crazy walking through the airport with no children just Mike and I and so wonderful!  When you are the mom and dad of four amazing little muchkins it is hard to make time for each other, so we soaked up every second!  We arrived in Tucson about 5:30 went to the hotel relaxed for a while and then got all dressed up for our night out!  Just for the record if any of you ever decide to venture to Tucson the airport is about 20 minutes away from downtown Tucson I didn't realize that and got a hotel near the airport rather than near the entertainment, that made for a long wait for a taxi, anyway that's beside the point.  So we headed up to where all of the fun apparently is, and it was!  It is kind of a college town so the night life is very fun and busy!!!  We went to a great little restaurant a steak in the neighborhood,  the food was delicious and it was a very cute little place on what we thought at that time was one of the main streets but it gets much more fun than that! After dinner we headed over to the music hall to enjoy Daniel Tosh.  He was hilarious and it was so fun to enjoy with my hubby. We then headed over to what really where the main streets and people watched for a few hours which is always funny!  It was so wonderful to go to bed knowing that the alarm clock that you can't snooze would not be waking me in the morning, but I still was wide awake at 7:30 and missing my kids!  We enjoyed breakfast in the hotel and headed over to the airport.  We were only gone for 24 hours, but it was so wonderful and refreshing!!!  So for all of you amazing parents who haven't heard of one of these (a break) they are AMAZING, you all should have one occasionally whether it be for an hour or a few days it is a much needed thing!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

When I was young and thought into the future I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, I wanted 2 children, and all of the materialistic things in the world.  Then life happened it wasn't perfect, I was very ill off and on, and I realized that the most important things in life aren't THINGS!  I never could have imagined that my life would be filled with so many blessings, of course there are 5 that immediately enter my mind!  My amazing husband and 4 perfect little children, each in their own way!!! Next all of our awesome extended family & friends, I really don't know how we would have made it without all of you.  Also the amazing community we live in, no one ever hesitates to lend a hand!  Now I strive everyday to be a better person, a better example, and a friend that someone would like to have. Anyway, the point of all of this is its what has gotten me to were I am now happier than I ever have been and content with life!!!

Growing up I loved spending time with my cousins our visits were usually far and few between but always a blast... although I think most ended with everyone happy that they were over!  That is why I love that my kids have cousins all around, especially my little niece Cali she is such a doll and the boys have so much fun with her, I know that MaCee and Cali and going to be great friends!!!
Some fun little girl pics...
My beautiful little Princess!
Cali & MaCee
MaCee with her pearls... Granny Honey would be soooo proud!