Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Fun!

We have been spending many of our summer days at the pool since Mike is working EVERYDAY!  This past week we had such a blast Nikki and Cali, and Daisy, Harley, and Haven, and Tiff and Harley came swimming also, the kids had a blast!  Dalyn and Cali are always so cute together even when they are fighting its cute, but on this particular day they happened to be getting along!
These two little cuties had so much fun splashing!
Avery kept trying to help Harley, but everytime he would dunk her under while trying to bring her back to the shallow end.
Daisy and cute little Haven, MaCee and Haven are exactly 1 month apart... I think they will be the cutest little Salt and Pepper!

You can tell how much MaCee enjoyed our swimming adventure she slept the whole time!


2010 is our year for stitches... knock on wood!  With three boys it is amazing to be able to say this (especially with Avery) but our first set of stitches was Easter this year!  Well much to my suprise it was just the beginning.  Two months later we were back in the ER, poor little Brax was getting his second set of stitches!!! These are pictures of the first set, the second set we were in Salt Lake and I didn't have my camera but its a great story.  He got into a gun fight... this was not just any gun fight, it was a Nerf gun fight.  Just a warning if you hit a Nerf gun into your lip with force, it will slice your lip open!!!
So proud of his stitches!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dalyn's 2... MaCee's 1 Month!!!

Ok so I may be slacking a little in the blogging world...  I am the mother of 4 busy little children... don't judge! :)  MaCee will be 2 months old on the 9th, I can't believe it!  Some of you may think I am a little crazy, but I wish that I could just pause life right here! I love it... My husband is the best in the world and would do anything for his family... my boys are amazing, loving, and completely adorable in everyway (even when they are making messes)... and MaCee is everything I never knew I always wanted!  Life couldn't be better, well actually if I had a maid, and I could just spend all of my time loving on my kids that would be better!  For Dalyn's birthday we had pictures taken and since we were already there I had to have more pics of my little PRINCESS, here are just a few I will be adding a slideshow later.