Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Lil Mocha Baby!!!

I researched & researched for months before we adopted MaCee. I researched hair, skin, etc, etc!!! Nothing I read could have prepared me for what it would be like. When we were in the hospital it seemed as though her hair was a little wavy, but mostly straight.
I learned very quickly that this was not true... Our first day home I washed her hair and this is what I saw!  Curls... Curls... Curls!  In the beginning these curls were EASY!  Now they have gotten longer and a little bit harder to comb out. 
So recently I decided I needed to get back to researching... After multiple videos online, I decided to try yarn braids!!!  I think they turned out pretty cute... and I can't complain because the only cost was 2 dollars in yarn!  MaCee was such a little sweetie and sat for 3 hours while I finished he whole head.  Have I ever said what a little angel she is... I don't know many 17 month old babies that would sit for 3 hours!  Love this little girl... and all of the wonderful things she is bringing into our lives!

 Over the last 17 months our lil mocha babies hair has changed in so many ways... but I think I have learned as we've gone, and we are finally getting it figured out!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Good Things Must Come To An End...

As the end of summer draws near, my heart is filled with sadness!!! I hear people getting excited for the kids to go back to school... I on the other hand am so so sad!  Avery will be in 1st grad, and my little Brax will be a kindergartner... Tear Tear!  We have been trying to have as many fun filled days as possible before its over.
 Avery lost his first tooth... and has 2 more that are close!
 The sweetest little angel feet!  MaCee enjoyed vacation!!!
 Daddy and the boys had a blast in the pool!
 Mac & Brax hangin' out on the Pontoon boat,
 MMMmmm momma these rocks are DELICIOUS!
 And these ones.... wow Bear Lake has yummy yummy rocks!
 Mac & Momma relaxin'
 My little Lemon head!
 Avery & Brax's version of the Derby!
 Do you know why I think I am such a wonderful mother... because I let my baby play in the street! :) Just Kiddin! I kept saying MaCee come back... No momma No momma is all she had to say to me!
Oh my the fun that you can have at grandma's house!!! I can't wait to use this as blackmail on the boys when they are teenagers!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bubble Babies!!!

Something about cute little babies in the bath just melts my heart!!! I love it, they are so CLEAN and Angelic! I tried to get Dally to join in but he was being a little grumpy, so its just little Miss & the big boys.
 These bubbles are PRETTY fun!
 Yes... yes... I know I am the cutest little girl in the world!!!
 What is my silly brother doing???
 I am 3, therefore I may have random mood swings at ANY moment...
 Like this!!! Mad happy it changes from moment to moment when you are 3!
 I can wash my own hair mom!
 This face is MaCee's face don't ask me where she got it from... but she scrunches her nose up and its sooo cute!
 Yes... now I am mad again... because being 3 is rough!!!
 This little kitchen is the one that I played with when I was a little girl... I am wanting to refinish it, but just can't decide what to do for sure... any suggestions???
 I LOVE that MaCee and the boys have a love of reading it makes me soooo HaPPy!!!
 Oh Braxton... this sweet little boy will be starting Kindergarten this year... It breaks my heart!  Half of my little ones will be in school. :( Tear... Tear... Tear!!! I guess we just need to have another one! :)
Avery Joe... Love Love Love this little cutie!!! He is growing into such a little man I can't stand it... but I am so proud of the wonderful person that he is! 

A nice hot bath will fix just about anything…

The 24th!

For as long as I can remember every year on July 24th Mike's dad buys a bunch of fireworks... we all head up to the Ranch, and put on a big show!  Since I am soooo behind on blogging I am just going to post pics!!!
 Waiting for the show!
 The 1st Firework!!!
 Mac gettin' her snack on!
My stinkin' CUTEST baby girl!