Friday, October 8, 2010


First I would like to start by saying my children are my favorite part of my life!  The most amazing thing I have ever done is be a mom I LOVE IT!  The only thing that I really ever want to be is a mom and wife, and I know that I am so blessed to get to be!!! Now I would like to say that ever parent needs a BREAK now and then and on the 24th I got mine!!!  Mike and I have been enjoying our little half an hour of comedy before bed the last few months and at the end of the show Daniel Tosh always added come see us on the Tosh 2010 Tour.  So after a while of watching how much Mike was enjoying this guy a light turned on and I realized that this would make the perfect birthday for Mike and little break for me!  So on the 24th we took all four of the kids to my little sister ( I don't think she will EVER offer to do this again) and we headed to the airport.  It was so crazy walking through the airport with no children just Mike and I and so wonderful!  When you are the mom and dad of four amazing little muchkins it is hard to make time for each other, so we soaked up every second!  We arrived in Tucson about 5:30 went to the hotel relaxed for a while and then got all dressed up for our night out!  Just for the record if any of you ever decide to venture to Tucson the airport is about 20 minutes away from downtown Tucson I didn't realize that and got a hotel near the airport rather than near the entertainment, that made for a long wait for a taxi, anyway that's beside the point.  So we headed up to where all of the fun apparently is, and it was!  It is kind of a college town so the night life is very fun and busy!!!  We went to a great little restaurant a steak in the neighborhood,  the food was delicious and it was a very cute little place on what we thought at that time was one of the main streets but it gets much more fun than that! After dinner we headed over to the music hall to enjoy Daniel Tosh.  He was hilarious and it was so fun to enjoy with my hubby. We then headed over to what really where the main streets and people watched for a few hours which is always funny!  It was so wonderful to go to bed knowing that the alarm clock that you can't snooze would not be waking me in the morning, but I still was wide awake at 7:30 and missing my kids!  We enjoyed breakfast in the hotel and headed over to the airport.  We were only gone for 24 hours, but it was so wonderful and refreshing!!!  So for all of you amazing parents who haven't heard of one of these (a break) they are AMAZING, you all should have one occasionally whether it be for an hour or a few days it is a much needed thing!!!


  1. I was just thinking about a "break" today, and I only have one kid!!! he he =0) I'm so glad you had some time away- -I'm sure you needed it, and I know you definitely deserved it!!!

  2. You two are too cute! I am SOOO happy that you guys had such a great time. Even if it was just for an overnighter! HOW FUN!

    Heather, I am so excited that you are finalizing on the 20th. I want to send you something.... email me with your address - please.