Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 4

Something I'm looking forward to.  This is soooo easy... CHRISTMAS!!! Like I said in my first post I am like a little kid on Christmas, I usually have to wake my kids up because I can't take it anymore.  When I was younger and living at home every year I would have to beg my little sister and brother to go out and peek in our stalkings and at the stuff that Santa had brought.  One of the years my dad even hide a video camera and caught us in the act!!!  Even after I would peek I still couldn't sleep I would go back out 2 or 3 times in the night.  Still to this day it isn't different I know all of the presents and I still can't sleep.  I am so happy that Mike puts up with it and doesn't make me just lay in bed miserable.  I guess he realizes that when he married me he also married the little kid that's inside screaming to get out!

Sorry no pic tonight, for some reason I can't upload!


  1. Ha ha...I can just imagine you! That's awesome. Hiding a video camera is a really good idea- -I bet it was so funny to watch!

  2. You are as bad as Wade. I try so hard every year to get him something he CAN'T figure out. I 'think' I have done it this year. It does make it fun to try even harder to keep things a secret and be creative.
    I am loving all of your posts.