Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Really Sure What To Call This...

So once again I have been slacking.  This time I actually have a good excuse and I'm gonna use it!  I haven't been feeling well for a while now, this is something that regularly happens around our house, since I do have Lupus.  I thought this time was a little different than most.  It just seemed like one of those times were I don't just kick it on my own... I was right, I just didn't take care of it fast enough.  No worries I am back on the mend I thought yesterday I was feeling 110% better, and acted on that, today I am on the couch wishing I wouldn't have done quite SO much yesterday, I am slowly learning my limits!  Blah I sure do not like Lupus at all!!!  The first few days we stayed with Mike's parents... I really do not know what we would do without all of the amazing family we are surrounded by.  In Salt Lake my mom was quick to run up and help me while I was having my MRI.  When we arrived back in Duchesne, the house was spotless, dinner was being brought in, and plenty of people around to help with all of the kids!!!  Now that I am feeling a little better, we are home, but between Mike's mom & Sisters we have had plenty of help!  Thank you so much to everyone!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just not enough time in the day!

Wow lately I have been feeling so busy... but if you asked me what I have been doing I would reply "Nothing!"  That seems to be the story of our lives 100 miles an hour all the time, yet nothing ever gets done.  I love it, its my crazy life that I love!  So instead of trying to catch up on my blogging that I don't have time for I'm just going to post pictures, some of the pictures from the last few weeks!  I hope you are all getting as excited about Spring as we are... the kids have been loving being outside for a little while everyday!
MaCee crawling on Dalyn's Criss Cross Crash Track...
MaCee telling Dalyn what she thinks about him telling her NO!
One of the many wonderful women that love our little ones!
My little brothers cute girl friend...
My little brother & his girlie!
Braxton zonked out after a busy day of watching State basketball...
Wrestling!!! The big boys have been wrestling the last few weeks, its so cute to watch them out on the mat doing there thing.  Brax just smiles the whole time even when he gets pinned!
Avery taken one of the kids down in practice.
One of our last days of snow!
What happens when mom is gone to Volleyball! The Leaning Tower of Canned Goods!!!
MaCee is standing up to EVERYTHING!!!
Pat it... Roll it...
Toss it up high...
And Eat it!!!
The most Beautiful little Sleeping Beauty!!!
These to cutie got engaged on February 19th!
Little Miss Cutie Pie!!!
Dalyn LOVES everyone's shoes... on this particular day it was moms high heels!

And this is why I have been feeling soooo busy!  I am loving the little bit of sun we are getting, and outside with the kids every second I can be... so if I don't post again for a while don't be surprised!