Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 7

The question of the day is... My favorite movie!  Ok I know this is going to seem so wrong, but, I don't really like movies at all.  I mean I guess its not that I don't like them, its just that every time I sit down to watch one I feel so guilty because I have a list of 50 things I should be doing instead!  I think I inherited this horrible gene from my momma she can't stand to sit through a movie either.  So now your probably thinking oh man I bet her house is soooo clean she doesn't watch movies, NO this is incorrect for some crazy little 4 reasons it is not!  Now to really answer the questions, my favorite movie right now I would have to say its a toss up between How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3, because those are the two movies right now that seem to keep my kiddos entertained for long enough that I can get one of my 50 things done!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Brax & Daddy watchin TV!

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