Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Days 8 & 9

Ok first of all in my defense I shouldn't have done this over Thanksgiving break... Its been a little hectic!  Also Dalyn had his tonsils out yesterday so that has stalled my blogging a little.  He is doing well and recovering like a champ, he is such a little cutie! LOVE HIM!!! Back to the challenge, Day 8 is a place you have traveled.  I am gonna have to say the cruise that we went on with Mike's family is the most recent and fun vacation I have had.  When I was young we vacationed a lot, but I don't have all of those pics so the cruise it will be!  It was so fun, and relaxing, after the first few days!  The first few days I would think of the boys and cry, look at pics of the boys and cry, I was such a big baby.
Mike & I relaxing on one of the islands!
Formal night, it was so fun to get all dressed up!
The girls layin out on the beach!!!
The whole family at dinner one night!  I loved the meals you could order as many items as you wanted!!!

I'm gonna skip ahead and do day nine also! Day 9 is the the first 10 songs on your IPOD, well currently my ipod has been taken over by my hubby, because he put his in a cup of ice tea, apparently it was thirsty so I guess I could say I don't have one!!!  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving with all of your families!!!

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