Thursday, September 9, 2010

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

When I was young and thought into the future I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, I wanted 2 children, and all of the materialistic things in the world.  Then life happened it wasn't perfect, I was very ill off and on, and I realized that the most important things in life aren't THINGS!  I never could have imagined that my life would be filled with so many blessings, of course there are 5 that immediately enter my mind!  My amazing husband and 4 perfect little children, each in their own way!!! Next all of our awesome extended family & friends, I really don't know how we would have made it without all of you.  Also the amazing community we live in, no one ever hesitates to lend a hand!  Now I strive everyday to be a better person, a better example, and a friend that someone would like to have. Anyway, the point of all of this is its what has gotten me to were I am now happier than I ever have been and content with life!!!

Growing up I loved spending time with my cousins our visits were usually far and few between but always a blast... although I think most ended with everyone happy that they were over!  That is why I love that my kids have cousins all around, especially my little niece Cali she is such a doll and the boys have so much fun with her, I know that MaCee and Cali and going to be great friends!!!
Some fun little girl pics...
My beautiful little Princess!
Cali & MaCee
MaCee with her pearls... Granny Honey would be soooo proud!


  1. You have such a cute little family! MaCee is just adorable!!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! What a beautiful family! Heather you look beautiful. Your boys are handsome little guys. And that MaCee is adorable as always. LOVE that last picture!
    I love happily ever afters too!

  3. You have a gorgeous family through and through. You are an amazing lady and mom Heather! You inspire me to want to be a better person. Thanks for being are amazing!

  4. Beautiful Family! Macee is getting so big! I love her big brown eyes! Remind me of S's so much! :)

  5. so fun heather! Your family is so cute!

  6. Heather! I'm so glad you left a comment so I could see your blog. Your little (or should I say big) family is so cute! I just want to pinch Macee's little cheeks, she is so cute!

  7. What a darling family! I love the pictures!!! It seems hard to believe that you have 4 little ones already... they sure make life enjoyable don't they?!