Sunday, January 8, 2012

The MIRACLE of Adoption!!!

I have been trying to keep it in but I'm about to EXPLODE!!!  We are going to be welcoming a perfect little baby boy into our family on Tuesday morning!  Here is a little recap of how we got to this point.  As of last summer, I had started the process of BEGGING Mike once again for another little one... he tried to say no, but its not something he can easily say to me.  We started all of the paperwork again around the first of October and were complete and approved again within a few weeks.  At this point we had said our preference was for a little girl.  Something just didn't feel right that next month and a half.  After much prayer and though, I had decided that maybe a baby girl wasn't God's plan for us this time, maybe he had a little something different in mind.  We contacted our agency and told them that we wanted to open up or preference to boy or girl.  I felt much more at piece about it all for the next month and a half.  We waited, our profile was shown to a few situations, we were almost scammed, and we waited more.  On January 4th a situation came up on facebook that caught my eye, an African American baby boy due January 10th.  I begged, and begged, and begged Mike to let our profile be shown.  In the mean while I had contacted the agency and sent an application and our profile.  On a whim the social worker felt like she should show us, so she did.  She called me and said I shouldn't have done this but I showed you, and... "SHE LOVES YOU!!!  " Now I had to convince Mike, so I prayed and prayed that the big man would give me a little help on this... he did!  Friday I ran to SLC to finish a little paperwork, and the most miraculous thing happen.  I was able to meet our babies birth mother.  She is such an amazing woman, and seems like a wonderful person.  I am so happy that God choose such a sweet, kind, perfect woman to carry our little man to his forever family!  So thats it, that is what I have been trying so hard to keep secret but just can't anymore because I am like a little kid on Christmas!!! So please pray for all of us... please pray that our birth mother has peace in her heart and guidance from her savior... please pray that I will survive the next 2 days!!! :)