Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 5

Sorry, sorry I was gonna try so hard to post everyday but then the last two days have been so CRAZY BUSY, that I decided I couldn't post, so Im going to continue on where I left off! Todays post is supposed to be things that make me happy!!!
Essential oils help me to feel better, and keep my little family happy & healthy!
Summer, I love it when the kids can just play and play out in the sun!
Being and aunt... I get to watch my niece on Tuesdays and I love that I get to be such a big part of her life!
My kids little imaginations, they always keep me laughing!
COUSINS!!! These are my big boys with some cousins... I love spending time with our families!
The Lake,  a big part of our summers are spent out on the lake, the boys love it and so do Mike & I!
How much my hubby loves our babies, he wouldn't admit it be he like little babies, he would hardly even let me hold MaCee when we were in the hospital!
Gardner Village, I love to walk around all of the little boutiques, and they have the cutest decorations for the holidays!
I guess this speaks for itself... SCENTSY!
How yummy my kids are after there bath!
Braxton's cute little smile!

Our little Dooney, who is no longer with us, RIP Dooney!
I will probably play until the day I die!
I love that I get to keep up on whats going on in everyones lives on FACEBOOK!

Ok and now my computer won't let me upload anymore pics so Im just gonna name a few more things!  MaCee because she is our precious little angel! Dalyn, because he is 2 everyday that little boy keeps me on my toes crying all the way through the store, or just saying NO to everything, but it makes me smile!  Avery, because he is the BEST big brother, he is so loving to his siblings!  My hubby because he works so hard EVERY day to make sure that we have everything we need, and want!  Coffee I LOVE IT, I can't help it I try to quit but im keeps me awake all day, and I just can't quit it!  Blogging, I enjoy reading my friends and families blogs so much! There are soooo many more things that make me happy but this is a good start to my list!

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