Sunday, January 9, 2011


One day after school this week we decided to get some use out of the sleds Avery & Braxton had gotten from Santa it was a blast.  There sleds really are pretty amazing, they go so fast and steer great!  Half way through our little sledding trip there pet deer came over and wouldn't leave the kids alone, Dalyn loves deer so he was so excited he went right up and kissed it.  Here are some pics!!!
MaCee is such a good girl she sat in her car seat all snuggled most of the time but finally wanted to get out and see what all of the snow was about!

 Dalyn kissing the deer!

 MaCee kept taking her glove off and touching the snow it was so cute it almost sounded like she was saying brrrr after!

After about an hour of sledding the kids were tired and ready to go inside for hot chocolate... we will be going sledding again soon for sure!!!

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