Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cousins by chance, Friends by choice!!!

So for those of you who follow my oil blog you know that im kind of liking that quote and all of the ways I can change it to fit my life!  Its Tuesday, Im watching my niece, just like every Tuesday.  The reason this Tuesday is a little different is MaCee is sleeping, and the big boys are at school, so I am just hangin out with the Two year olds!!!  These two are so cute, they adore each other, some of the ways I know this!
-Every time I say to Dalyn guess whos coming to our house he says, "CALI!"  Even on Christmas Eve.
- When Nikki walked through the door today Cali about jumped out of her arms to give Dalyn a hug!
-Whenever we leave our house Dalyn says, "Are we going to Cali's house?
Anyway they are just the cutest little perfect friends, they adore each other, and it makes me so happy because they will always have this sweet little friendship that stemmed from such a young age!

The conversation as I was taking pictures:
 Dalyn: Hey Cali do you sink (think) my helmet is pretty?
 Cali: No Dali, It's a SCARY helmet!!!
 I know its kind of hard to see, but this is there cute little hands they are sitting on the couch watching cartoons, holding hands!
 Last but not least its not as good as I thought but this little boys has the LONGEST eye lashes!!! Love these two little cuties so much!

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  1. Oh my heck, how cute are they!! And Dalyn really DOES have the longest eyelashes EVER!!