Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Break...

This Christmas was the first year that we had "Christmas Break", before this year we didn't have any kids in school so we got to have break year round!  I have been dreading Avery going back to school all weekend... but as Brax was telling me just a few days ago "that is the way life is mom!"  We had such a fun time while the kids were out.  One of the first days off we went with one of my good friends out to dinner and to see Santa with all of the kids!
Kloee & Braxton waiting patiently for pizza!
The Thursday before Christmas all of the moms, kids, grandmas, etc. got together to make yummy candy, I made sugar cookies so the kids would be entertained decorating, they where soooo cute for about 2 cookies, then I ended up finishing the rest! 
 Megan & MaCee
 Daisy & Nikki
 Grandma Hanberg making her famous cherry chocolates!
 Harley & Braxton enjoying there cookies!
 Daisy, Nikki & Jan showing how its done!
 We got so much snow that the boys decided to make an igloo.
 Mike's early Christmas present, she is so cute!  He decided to name her Emma!
 Avery & MaCee in there cute Christmas jammies!
 Avery and Braxton got snowmobile sleds from Santa and Dalyn got a Mac Truck, MaCee's little walker isn't in this picture but ill post one soon it is soooo cute!
 MaCee & Grandma Weezie on Christmas day
 MaCee trying out Dalyn's truck!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!
    I love that you all got together to make yummy candy. That is SO fun!
    I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to give MaCee a squeeze. Man she is a beautiful little girl.