Sunday, February 20, 2011

How you can tell....

That little Miss isn't feeling well!!!  MaCee has many things she loves, but two of her favorites are Patty Cake & Food!  This past week its seems like EVERYONE is sick.  Many of you know I am an essential oil addict, so of course I have been trying everyday to oil our little family up to prevent us from getting all of these little bugs that are floating around.  Well Thursday one finally got us, well MaCee.  Now back to the things that she loves it is a very rare occurrence that you can't get a smile out of her by singing Patty Cake, in her saddest moments (when Dalyn takes something from her) Patty Cake still makes her smile!  Next food, MaCee loves her food, I may have mentioned this before but I think she get that from me.  She loves everything, she eats more than the boys its so cute, and I'm so happy to have a little girl that enjoys food like I do!  It breaks my heart that she so sick she doesn't even get to enjoy her food & Patty Cake! 
"Toss it up high, and EAT it!"

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  1. Oh, I hope she gets feeling better. It is no fun having sick kiddos. I just love the pictures you have of her.