Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blah... Blah... Blah...

That is what most of you are probably going to be thinking as you are reading this post.  It is going to be a HUGE vent session, and you probably really could care less... so if you don't read on... don't worry it won't hurt my feelings.  First of all I am so sorry I have been a big huge busy slacker!  I was looking on my camera the other day so I could find some picture to put on the old bloggy blog... and guess what... none... I have a few pictures from Halloween but I didn't even get very many great ones then either.  Ah... Its because I am OBSESSED!  You see we have started the process of trying to adopt again... now some of you have been through this whole process... for those of you who haven't it is FUN!  Most days I love that we have been so blessed... and get to experience this amazing blessing.  Today and last week it is making my miserable... it is all I think about... I mean obviously I am busy with life but every second that I stop its on my mind,  I'm so sorry to sound sooooo negative about it... I just wish that I could have a little better control of myself!!!  So that was my little vent... now onto the fun of it.  We are working with the same agency that we used with MaCee's adoption.  I love them they brought us our first little princess.  Because we do have 4 children  we think it may be a little bit harder this time around... so we have decided to not only go through one agency we are applying with multiple agencies and the help of consultants... and praying like crazy that our sweet little angel will find us.  This is a little off subject... but tonight after we had put the kids down Avery came in and said, "Mom I know that you have been wanting a baby sister for MaCee... So I prayed for her."  I love kids!!!  So if anyone makes it to this point in my post... Pray for us... and selfishly I am going to ask you to Pray for me... Pray that the Lord will guide me... and let me know patience... and peace... because I know that he has a plan... I just sometimes have a hard time waiting for his plan to play out!  Oh and for any of you Adoption Veterans... If you have any suggestions... They would be appreciated! Thanks!


  1. I don't know you and I don't remember how I first came across your blog but for some reason I decided to follow it. I too am an adoptive parent so I am sure I found your blog through someone else who is involved in the adoption world. Anyway, we have adopted twice and both times we adopted through We waited 2.5 months to be matched with our son and we did not wait at all to matched with our daughter. They were actually looking for a family for her because they did not have any families open to AA babies and we decided to be presented to her birthmom and try adopting again. If you want to know more about them you can email me at, if you are not interested, no biggie.. good luck to you, I know just how you are feeling!

  2. Vent away. The waiting is so HARD. I think its because you have no control. You get your name with an agency and then you just let go and wait. That was one of the hardest parts for me. Good luck, I hope a new little one joins your family soon. My prayers are with you and your family.

  3. OH Heather! I am so excited for you! That made me smile when I read that you are going to adopt again. At the same time, as I kept reading, all the emotions of the adoption process came flooding back. I KNOW how you are feeling. But like you told me and also wrote, everyday you are closer to YOUR angel FINDING. YOU!!! Awe...
    I think about you and Miss MaCee so often. I think you two, and Ava and I would have a great time together.
    Keep us posted - PLEASE!!!

  4. Heather! Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! You are SOOO AMAZING! You have a huge heart! I'll pray for your little angel to find you quickly.
    Love you!

  5. You are such a great mom! I hope your little angel finds you soon! I'm not very good at waiting either:). I am praying for you!