Friday, September 30, 2011

When Daddy's Away... Mommy and the little Monkeys will PLAY!!!

Every year since Mike and I were married, Mike has passed on hunting season.  Not this year, daddy has been gone ALL week... and what have we been doing you may ask?  Well I little bit of everything!!!  We have secretly been planning our week long party.  The first day I told the older boy they could pick WHATEVER they wanted for dinner... they both yelled PANCAKES!!!  I love Mike but pancakes for dinner... I can handle that!  The second night they wanted Spaghetti Tacos (an ICarly special!)  We will be SOOOO happy when daddy gets home tomorrow... but we have had a blast!

 I set up the boys tent in Avery's room so they could have a lttle camp out!  Brax is grumpy because I wouldn't shut the door to the tent... little moody man!

Little Dally has finally turned NICE... oh my goodness what a relief!  He has been so mean to me, if I ever say I love you.. he swiftly replies... I don't love you!  The last couple of weeks he has been so sweet, he tells me mommy your the best ever!  Ahhhh I am loving this new little attitude!

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