Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bubble Babies!!!

Something about cute little babies in the bath just melts my heart!!! I love it, they are so CLEAN and Angelic! I tried to get Dally to join in but he was being a little grumpy, so its just little Miss & the big boys.
 These bubbles are PRETTY fun!
 Yes... yes... I know I am the cutest little girl in the world!!!
 What is my silly brother doing???
 I am 3, therefore I may have random mood swings at ANY moment...
 Like this!!! Mad happy it changes from moment to moment when you are 3!
 I can wash my own hair mom!
 This face is MaCee's face don't ask me where she got it from... but she scrunches her nose up and its sooo cute!
 Yes... now I am mad again... because being 3 is rough!!!
 This little kitchen is the one that I played with when I was a little girl... I am wanting to refinish it, but just can't decide what to do for sure... any suggestions???
 I LOVE that MaCee and the boys have a love of reading it makes me soooo HaPPy!!!
 Oh Braxton... this sweet little boy will be starting Kindergarten this year... It breaks my heart!  Half of my little ones will be in school. :( Tear... Tear... Tear!!! I guess we just need to have another one! :)
Avery Joe... Love Love Love this little cutie!!! He is growing into such a little man I can't stand it... but I am so proud of the wonderful person that he is! 

A nice hot bath will fix just about anything…


  1. I will probably say this EVERYTIME, but Ava and MaCee remind me SO much of each other. They are soul sisters... :) The wrinkled nose - Seth tries to make Ava do it first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night - it is one of his favorite faces.
    And Ava loves books too!
    That kitchen is cute - how awesome that it was yours. A vintage red would be SUPER cute!

  2. Heather,
    You have such a cute little family. And I know what you mean about the bath, they are the cutest when they come out of the bath! What have you been up to? Call me when you're free and we'll set up a play date!

  3. Hey it was so fun seeing you at the fair! It makes me sad that life is just so crazy and its hard to see anyone! Your family is adorable and you are one of the best mom's I know!