Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Good Things Must Come To An End...

As the end of summer draws near, my heart is filled with sadness!!! I hear people getting excited for the kids to go back to school... I on the other hand am so so sad!  Avery will be in 1st grad, and my little Brax will be a kindergartner... Tear Tear!  We have been trying to have as many fun filled days as possible before its over.
 Avery lost his first tooth... and has 2 more that are close!
 The sweetest little angel feet!  MaCee enjoyed vacation!!!
 Daddy and the boys had a blast in the pool!
 Mac & Brax hangin' out on the Pontoon boat,
 MMMmmm momma these rocks are DELICIOUS!
 And these ones.... wow Bear Lake has yummy yummy rocks!
 Mac & Momma relaxin'
 My little Lemon head!
 Avery & Brax's version of the Derby!
 Do you know why I think I am such a wonderful mother... because I let my baby play in the street! :) Just Kiddin! I kept saying MaCee come back... No momma No momma is all she had to say to me!
Oh my the fun that you can have at grandma's house!!! I can't wait to use this as blackmail on the boys when they are teenagers!

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