Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Random Adventures of A Family of 6!!!

I have decided instead of trying to post about everything individually... I am just going to post it all together whenever I get a chance!  So life has been crazy busy, it seems like I run, run, and run some more!  I love this time of year, so we are just enjoying every single bit of it!
 This was one of my attempts at getting a picture of all of the kids together... We ended up just doing individual shots of each one!
 Me... My Momma... and my cute lil Sister!  Headed to see Breaking Dawn!!!
 My Granny Honey with my little Avery!
 My little moody man... in this picture he is happy!!! Yippee!!!
 Our little Princess... she tried so hard to get a picture for mommy... just didn't know what I wanted!
 Uh Oh... I've been caught in the CHOCOLATES!!!
 Granny Honey... Sarah... Miss MaCee!
Chocolate making day! 
 The big boys helping grandma dip!
 My sister and I decided to fight the crowds @ the Park City outlets on Black Friday @ MIDNIGHT... this momma is to old for that, but it was so fun!
 Kylie and Braxton having Thanksgiving dinner with all of the Kindergartners!
 MaCee attempting to look cute for me!
 Dalyn with his Dooney & Bourke purse and his basketball... something is wrong with this picture! :)
MaCee was mesmerized by Santa it was the cutest thing EVER!  I hope you are all enjoying they Holidays!  We are getting so excited for Christmas break... and a little bit of quality time hangin' out in our Jammies all day!!!

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