Sunday, July 4, 2010

All Things MaCee...

MaCee is such an adorable little princess who likes things the way that she likes it (in other words she is spoiled with love little princess!) Here are some of the pics of MaCee doing what she does!
SLEEPING- This is definitely one of her favorite things to do but only if she is just perfectly comfy!
MaCee LOVES to be snuggled if she is being held she is usually happy!
Just being cute, MaCee is such a little cutie even when she has her frown on she is AdOrAbLe!!!
MaCee in her cute glasses, she doesn't like them but I had to at least get one picture!
This is the smile she gives me, she is such a little mommas girl that every time she sees me this is the smile I get!
Beautiful brown eyed girl!


  1. Oh my heck!! She is growing up so fast!! And so is Teryn!!! Can we set them up on a date someday? =0)

  2. I'm so happy you have a little girl to spoil. She is so gorgeous. I love all the pictures.

  3. Heather, she is just bEEEUUUUUTIFUL! Such cute pictuers of her too. She always looks adorable. I am glad she is so spoiled it means she is completly LOVED!
    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  4. Hi Heather! Thank You so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for helping to spread the word about Chrisy Lee. Your little daughter is sooooo gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your adoption!! Isn't it such a wonderful thing to be a parent to both boys and a girl? I love it!!! In response to your comment, if you would like me to make your little angel a custom doll I would of course be more then happy to! Just shoot me an email at Thanks again and enjoy your sweet little family!! :O)